‘I’m going to be a better man’ – Kevin Hart addresses sextortion scandal at Comedy Show

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Award-winning comedian, Kevin Hart addressed his sextortion scandal during a Comedy Show in Georgia on Saturday.

At the show, the 38-year-old comedian began his set by saying, “We got a lot of s*** to talk about, people.” He then went about his comedy, but at the end made the promise he’s made before. ‘I’m going to be a better man,’ he told the crowd.

The actor and comedian took to his Instagram account to issue an apology to his wife and kids for alleged extortion attempt over sexually suggestive video.

According To Our Source, the authorities investigating the sextortion case have identified several people connected to the crime and were confident of arresting the culprits.



  1. That’s good, God will see you true

  2. Nice move from Kelvin

  3. better

  4. still love this guy tho…..
    we all make mistakes

    Thrill has spoken

  5. Pls try to be a better man as you claimed. It will really help

  6. He’s trying to make amends..
    Nice one

  7. Nice


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