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Ideas: Businesses You Can Start With 10,000 Naira in Nigeria



Small Business Ideas: Businesses You Can Start With 10,000 Naira in Nigeria

Now adays, the competition for jobs out there is no joke it is very real . The rate of unemployment in Nigeria  is on the high side and it pains me to see many vibrant graduates accepting petty jobs that are way beneath their academic qualifications .

Just imagine someone going through school stress for several years only to accept a job offer that can not even take care of his house rent talk much of his family expenses. What to do is what they normally say but there is something can be done. Most of us are always comfortable with that stagnant lifestyle just because they are being paid some small money and they just feel comfortable and don’t want to look for soemthing better to do. But ask yourself this question , can that salary you are currently earning on a monthly basis give you that luxurous and flaboyant lifestyle that you crave for.

There are several persons out there that are really willing and ready to start a business in but the problem they encounter on the long run is inadequate capital . We all know that starting a small business in Nigeria has never been easy considering what one has to go through to raise business capital to set up your business . Most of you are not aware that there are some lucrative and profitable businesses that you can start with 5,000 Naira to 10,000 Naira. Federal Government on the other side is not doing enough to help citizens establish themself atleast this can help reduce the rate of crime in the country .

It has been observed that about 70% Nigerians want to start their own business and be their own boss due to lack of jobs and youth empowerment prevailing in the country today. You can start your own lucrative business today and we want to do our own part by sharing with you some profitable businesses that you can start with 10,000 in Nigeria .

1. Selling of London Used Cloths
Yes! you can start Selling of London Used Cloths known as Okreka and make your profit quietly. Okreka are cloths that have been used outside the country that where imported into Nigeria by some importers. Don’t be surprised when i tell you that about 48% Nigerians wore okreka clothes especially the girls but you won’t know because they are first class okreka.

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This business is ideal for Nigerian states like Lagos, Onitsha, Benin e.t.c . After buying the  Okreka cloths you should look for some where very busy to sell them or better still move from house to house to sell them. Trust me people will patronise you because they love it and funny enough , some person would prefer it to new cloths no jokes .

2. Soap Making
Soap Making is another lucrative business that you can start in any Nigerian states because everybody needs soap to bath and wash clothes and dishes . Often time, poeple move from state to state to organise free clasess in Soap Making while some charge for it . This teaching on how to make soap give you the chance to learn how to make soap and you sell them to business owners, houses, offices, laundromats etc.

3. Recharge Card Selling
We all know that it is not possible for someone to stay for a day without using loading a recharge card in his or her mobile phone perhaps send to a friend or love one. Recharge Card is one of the most lucrative and moving business in Nigeria , this business does not require a shop as you can buy an umbrella , look for a good location and your business is live .

4. Hairdressing Business
One of the easiest business to start up in Nigeria is Hairdressing business and it only require little capital for a start up . Most times your customers would come to your shop with their hair extension and all you have to do is fix it and get paid . The only way to succeed in this Hairdressing business is to be good at it and others people can start patronising you once they notice you are good . The most amasing thing about this business is that it is not necessary that you most rent a shop you can be doing it in your house , that is if you have that space.

5. Laundry
Laundry service is another lucrative business but is doesn’t go well with lazy people, you most love washing to be able to succeed in this business. Like seriously, this Laundry work is an ideal for those folks that doesn’t see washing as a big deal . You don’t really need much funds to start up this business because the basic things you need is detergent, bar soap,buckets and most importantly , electric iron and cool iron incase their is no electricity .

There are thounsands of businesses that you can set up with 10,0000, we are not through yet as we have more coming your way ….

Other Businesses You Can Start With N10,000 Maybe Less

6. Bulk SMS
7. Phone Accessories
8. Selling Used Books
9. Beads and Wireworks Making
10. Cake and Pastry Making
12. Buying And Reselling
13. Noodles preparation business
14. Mini meet pie production
15. Call center agency business
16. Daycare centre business
17. Real Estate Agency
18. Freelance marketing
19. Home tutoring
20. Freelance writing
21. Affiliate marketing
22. E-books publishing
23. Proposal writing
24. Information Marketing
25. Selling Fruits
26. Web publishing
27. Cosmetic sales
28. Event Management
29. Employment Agency
30. Fruit Selling such as Apple, Pineapple etc
31. Selling honey
32. Crafts business
33. Weight loss classes
34. Bead making
35. car washing
36. Aerobics Classes
37. Corporate Cleaning Services
38. Dance Instructor
39. Charging of car and phone batteries
40. Cooking service
41. Time management consultant
42. Event Planner
43. Ezine Publishing
44. Hair Stylist
45. Facialist
46. Beautician
47. Computer instructor
48. Graphic Designer
49. Mobile Phone Repairs
50. Web designer
51. Freelance photographer
52. Make-up Artistry
53. Ghost writer
54. Food Delivery service
55. Greeting cards designer
56. Home made story books
57. Foreign Language Teacher
58. Market research
59. Music lessons
60. Monogramming
61. Exercise Instructor
62. Business plan writer
63. Party Planner
64. Business broker
65. Carpet Cleaning
66. Internet recruiting
67. Information broker
68. Interpreter/translator
69. Mailing list service
70. Photography Business

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