Highest Oil Producing States In Nigeria Top Five



Highest Oil Producing States In Nigeria Top Five

One of the major source that Nigeria earn money is through vast oil resources because they sell to other neighbouring countries and even the U.S do buy from Nigeria as a result of the plenty of oil that the country is being blessed with . Nigeria ia a country that is fully blessed with oil but the most discouraging part of it is that the country depends too much on it which is not a good one .

Nigerian has been able to attain it  rank as one of the top highest oil producing country in the world but don’t forget that it is not all Nigerian states that is blessed with this oil . It is also reasonable for you to know that oil is produced by some part of the country known as the Niger-Delta region , that is to say that a great percentage of Nigerian oil comes from Niger-Delta region and they include Rivers, Anambra States, Ondo, Abia, Cross Rivers, Delta, Akwa-Ibom,Imo and Bayelsa . This article is being written to report the  Highest Oil Producing States in Nigeria as many people is found of mistaking it . Incase you don’t know which and which Nigerian states produce the higher percentage of oil , then you are very welcome because we are about to reveal the top five state now , read on to see for yourself .

Here Are The top 5 Oil Producing States in Nigeria 2016

1. Akwa-Ibom State
It is very clear and sure that Akwa-Ibom is the top Oil Producing States in Nigeria  as nobody can dispute this because it has been like this for decades . Akwa-Ibom is the highest iol producing state in the history of Nigeria , River State is the second runner up trying to catch up with Akwa-Ibom state but all effort to unseat Akwa-Ibom state from this position has always proved abortive . Aside from highest oil production, Akwa-Ibom state is also one of the most beautiful state in Nigeria as well . This state is blessed with crude oil but with coal,clay, limestone, silver nitrate, salt and neat sand.
Akwa-Ibom state share border with Rivers State, Cross River State and Abia State. Akwa-Ibom state also shares a boundary with the Atlantic Ocean .

2. Rivers State
At the second place is another Nigerian state that is well known for its high oil production comfortably rubbing shoulders with Akwa-Ibom who is the highest oil producing state in Nigeria 2016 . Looking back to those days , history has it that Rivers was the highest oil producing state in Nigeria at some point before Akwa-Ibom took over the wheel . Rivers State is said to have a population count of 5 million people according to the last census conducted. The capital of  River is Port-Harcourt which has border with Imo, Anambra, Abia, Bayelsa and Delta States.

3. Delta State
At the number three spot or position is another popular and rich state , Delta . Delta State is sitting comfortably on the third spot having Akwa-Ibom and River State sitting at its top . Delta State State capital is Asaba and the heart of Delta State  is Warri . There are a lot of petroleum refineries in Delta State and some of Nigerian major  refineries are located there . Talking about the top oil producing states in Nigeria ,when  Akwa-Ibom State comes and Rivers State comes and Delta State will follow  .

4. Bayelsa State
Bayelsa State is one of the richest states in Nigeria thanks to it oil endowment in the state . Bayelsa State was carved out of Rivers and Delta in 1996 . Talking about the most populated states in Nigeria we have the likes of Lagos , Abuja, Port Harcourt and we have Bayelsa State as well . Bayelsa produces about 70% of the crude oil resources in Nigeria .

5. Cross River State
Each time i hear any body say Cross River State , i can’t help it but want to be there because it is one of the most beautiful and neat state in Nigeria . Most people would rather call Cross River State “London of Nigeria” every thing that happens there is carefully planned and administered . Cross River State  is one state that is heavily blessed with numerous natural resources, tourists sites with up to date amenities like good road networks, standard schools, good water and what have you .

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