Highest Hiv Prevalence States in Nigeria 2016 Top 10


Updated : Highest Hiv Prevalence States in Nigeria 2016/2017 Top 10

Do you know that HIV/AIDS cases is now very rampant in many states in Nigeria ? if you think am kidding let’s look critically on the Top 10 State With The Highest Hiv Prevalence rate in Nigeria . Back in the days i use to think that HIV/AIDS is a myth and it doesn’t exist in Nigeria , now i realise that i was just being naive and deformed but now i know better and do better . Few days ago i was listening to early morning news on one radio station guess what the presenter said about HIV in Edo state , she said that about fifteen thousand (15,000) persons are currently living with HIV in Edo state and i almost fainted the moment i heard it . Because of this revelation i had to adjust myself because i am from south south .Nigerian states with highest HIV 2016There is this report about Nigeria States With The Highest Aids/HIV Rate that was recently published by UN , Abuja that was highly expected to top the list is absent from the list and Edo and Lagos state wasn’t even expected to make the top 10 but lo and behold they are on the list . The most recent one is the HIV report that was published by The National Agency for the control of AIDS, NACA for National Aids Reproductive Health Survey .

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For a more accurate statistic we had to carry out our own survey and we also got our information from various sources to put up for our readers the Nigeria States With The Highest Aids/HIV Rate 2016 so that our they can see the state with the highest HIV cases in Nigeria .

Top 10 State With The Highest Hiv Prevalence in Nigeria 2016/2017

1, Rivers State with 15.2%
2, Taraba State with 10.5%
3, Kaduna State with 9.2%
4, Nasarawa State with 8.1%
5, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja with 7.5%
6, Akwa Ibom State with 6.4%
7, Both Oyo State and Sokoto State with 5.6%
8, Yobe State with 5.3%
9, Cross River State with 4.4%
10, Ondo State with 4.3%
11, Edo State

This epidemic doesn’t have a cure and it is better to abstain from pre-marial s3x that is the best way to avoid this virus . Using protection is a smart way to reduce or limit the chances of contracting this virus but this is no assurance like my uncle would always counsel ” Avoid it ” .

My advice to youth out there is that prevention is better in this case , this is the only sure way to reduce the rate in each Nigerian States. The Government should also do her own part is curbing and tackling this virus . We are trying to oblige our readers so that they can avoid this human  pitfall, please my readers do your own part help someone today by sharing this HIV / AIDS awareness post .

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