Glo Salary Structure: How Much Do Globacom Nigeria Pay Their Workers


To all prospective Globacom Nigeria employees, here is the official  Glo Salary Structure that illustrate the actual figure that you are going to be paid monthly when you finally start working  with Globacom Nigeria . If you are aspiring to get a job with Glo whether Costumer Care, Sales Rep or  Managers this is how your monthly take home pay is going to look like.

A smart way to start a career in the telecommunications industry with a good example of network provider like GLOBACOM Nigeria, it is very ideal you equip yourself with the right salary structure scale . Glo Nigeria is one of the top leading, Nigeria’s first indigenous privately owned network provider in Nigeria that has survived and remained persistent all these years. This telecommunications network is owned  one of the richest billionaires in Africa known as Mike Adenuga.

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One of the  highest paying organization in Nigeria is Glo that is one reason why everybody wants to secure a job with them so that they too can start earning huge salary at the end of each month. This post is intentionally created to expose all aspirants applying for 2017 Glo recruitment the company’s latest salary structure scale. One thing that should be noted about Glo salary structure is that employees are paid according to their respective ranks/levels . As Nigeria’s first indigenous privately owned network provider in Nigeria, they thrive to satisfy the wants of their customers with a target of improving customers experience.

Before i expose this Glo salary structure proper please note that GLO salary varies from location to location and the determinant of this figures is the level of the employee working for Glo. This article looks into how much GLO pays their workers in Nigeria taking into consideration levels like entry level staffs, specialists staff and even the managers.

How Much Does GLO Pay Its Entry Level Staffs?

For an entry level staff working in Glo Nigeria, the monthly sorry annual take home salary ranges from N820 000 to N 1,100,000 per annum. Such employee is also entitled to some allowances from the company.

How Much Do GLO Pay Its Specialist Staffs?

Employee working as a specialist staff in Glo Nigeria is entitle to receive nothing less than N4,400,000 in a year and N370,000 per month. The salary received at this level is higher than the salary of the entry level staff.

How Much Does GLO Pay Its Managers?

I know many people are eager and curious to know how much Glo pays it managers. Well, Glo Salary Structure for state manager is N8,250,000 per annum and N687,500 in a a month. As you can see here, the managers are the big boys in the company as they earn alot than employees in other levels in the company.

This is the official salary structure of GLO Nigeria


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