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Gifty Has This To Say After Being Slammed Over Her Semi-Nude Photo

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The fair-skinned beauty got tongues wagging when she recently uploaded a semi-nude picture of herself on her Instagram page. In the picture, she only hung a towel on her shoulder, leaving the rest of her body to the imagination.

“The question is and will always remain, ‘did you see my face in the picture?’ I don’t blame some people when they condemn others because poverty is a disease. When a person thinks about the bills he or she has to pay to survive, and they’re not getting what they expected, then frustration sets in from different angles.

That’s when you see distribution of madness everywhere. Everyone is sharing their wonderful piece of ‘holier than thou’ messages, yet what they condemn is everywhere on their own page. When I read the so-called backlash, I just take a sip of orange juice and laugh out so hard.

Tell me, why should I be bothered? Jesus was the most talked about person, even before his birth; yet he is still special, so I don’t need to bother myself about what people are saying.” She Said.


  1. She’s just saying this to cover her self up

  2. Nawa for her self

  3. no self esteem

  4. Belial’s pikin

    Thrill has spoken

  5. No self esteem. Grow up.

  6. why post it in the first place..

  7. Nigeria self


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