Erigga Biography – Life History, Age, Net Worth & Songs



Erigga Biography – Life History, Age, Net Worth & Songs

Welcome to Nigerian Info Box Blog your number information portal that bring you the biography of Nigerian celebrities and today, we are going to be hitting you so hard with the Biography of Erhiga Agarivbie popularly known as Erigga . This article is titled Erigga Biography, Life History , Awards  and Net Worth while the TAGs, associated with this post are erigga beef with m i, erigga biography wikipedia, erigga new car, erigga awards date of birth,erigga net worth, erigga house, erigga profile, erigga interview by the way .

Born  Erhiga Agarivbie better known by his stage name Erigga , born and brought up in Warri, Delta state, Nigeria but his real age is unknow at this time . He atended primary and secondary school education in Warri and rounding up his studies , he started his music career professionally .

Erigga earlier ambition was to become a professional basket ball player having played Delta State Basketball Team and also in the Milo Basketball Championship for secondary schools. But with the influence of other Nigerian rappers , Erigga made his final decision to become a rapper . Erigga is a Nigerian rapper who broke into the Nigeria Music Industry after releasing banging singles like Air Burn, Death Bed , Paper Boi and so many of them i will be mentioning before wrapping up this article.
erigga-2The rapper who is also addressed as Erigga Newmoney started recording songs at a tender age after being inspired by rap icons like rakim, canibus ,50 cent, Jay Z, Eminem, Jarule and Nas. Erigga raps in pidgin and he spit out his flows in a way that the street will understand his plight and know where his flow is going . The 27 years old rapper reps the street just like Olamide baddo and he has won over 24 rap battles in Port Harcourt, Benin and Warri. With over 153 songs in his kitty some of which he wrote while paying the ultimate price for his juvenile misdemeanour in Warri.

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Erigga broke into music scene when he came out with a video title “Dem No Get Two Heads”, shot by Igho Tosin (igho films). Although , the video didn’t get a resonable airplay because of the graphic content, however on youtube, he got over 5000 views in the first week of uploading the video because most poeple are very eager to see those bad images if you understand what i mean .

Erigga has released several hit songs and he has also worked with many famous Nigerian musicians but he has one problem . Erigga’s rap lines are very vulgar which are not good for the ears especially for kids , that is one major reason most of his songs are not played on air . This is one of the major reason why erigga has been unable to cover more grounds in his music career . Despite all this draw back , Erigga is not a new person in Lagos market because he has hooked up with heavy weight producer Lay Low to produce a single titled “Won Be Be” . Needless to add, the video for this song has been shot by  the same director .

Most people would want to know which record lable Erigga is currently signed under. Well, the Warri born rapper is currently under NEW MONEY ENTERTAINMENT own by SNOW MAN. Most people that knoen littel about Erigga would know that he is really something else,  His flows are so dark and they could be Influencing as well as shocking . I’ve heard countless of his tracks where he rapped about countless undertakings before he was arrested and sentenced to do Four years . He was nominated for Headings award some years ago and he has also won himself some other awards .

Net Worth

Erigga net worth is coming your way soon

⇒“Make I Yarn” ft. Erigga


⇒Paper Boi,
⇒Coupe DeCale,
⇒Head Wan Blow,
⇒Laptop Bag,
⇒Keep Talking,
⇒Ring a Bell,
⇒Can’t Stop Me,
⇒Where U De Since,
⇒Nothing Do U,
⇒Deejays Anthem,
⇒Another One

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  8. you bam die

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