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Davido’s Father Biography & Net Worth (Dr Deji Adeleke)



Davido’s Father Biography & Net Worth (Dr Deji Adeleke) / University

All of us knows much or little about Davido Adeleke but we don’t really know his father because he is barely in the news despite his wealth and influence . Today we are going to climb Davido’s family tree just a little higher to his father to reveal his Biography. Funny enough only few of you knows Davido father’s name and because of this i will be introducing him to you right away on this article .

Davido’s father name is Dr Deji Adeleke and he is also addressed as Elder Deji Adeleke . We are going to be discussing his Biography / Family / Wealth / Net Worth . The title of this post is Davido’s Father Dr Deji Adeleke  Biography and Net Worth. Most of the time Davido says he’s an “OBO” but most of you may not know what he meant with it incase you never knew what it means OBO means “Omo Baba Olowo” when translated in English it means “The Son of a Wealthy Man”.  Davido’s father Dr Deji Adeleke  was born March 6, 1957 in Enugu. He is a typical Yoruba man originally from a community called Ede in Osun State, Nigeria .

Davido’s father Dr Deji Adeleke is into business and heavy investment. He is one of the few most successful business men in Nigeria with several investment in every corners of Nigerian states . Davido is that lucky musician who is from a wealthy family but still insist on hustling for himself , maybe he needed to prove himself to be a man that can make it in life all by himself . Davido came into the game as if he has been doing it for a very long time and if you don’t know him when he released “Dami Duro” you might think he has been there for decades . That was by the way , let us not forget that we are not discussing Davido but his billionaire father, Dr Deji Adeleke  . Davido’s father is a prolific businessman, and an investor who used to be married to Dr Vero Adeleke who passed away in the year 2003 . Before she died, she gave birth to two children, a son – David “Davido” Adeleke and a daughter named Sharon.

Davido’s father Dr Deji Adeleke  is known to be a strict man , disciplinarian, a devout Christian and a philanthropist. He is the person behind the construction of multi-million naira church building for his “Seventh Day Adventist Church”. He took the task to build the house of the lord upon himself , he built the house for Seventh Day Adventist Church 3 year ago . Dr Deji Adeleke donated a hall to Babcock University, thesame university his son ,Davido graduated from. Dr Deji Adeleke is the Pro Chancellor and partnering founder of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun state. He is the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited, a company which specializes in investing in various sectors across the country

Some years ago when Davido started his music career he almost made his university education an option but his father being a disciplinarian directed him on the right path by insisting he must be educated . Davido obeyed his father by going to school to study , he juggled his academics with his music career but at the end he was able to complete his education sometime last year and his father was very delighted and proud of him .

The family of Adeleke is flooded with millionaires and billionaires . Dr Deji Adeleke is a successful businessmen , his father Chief Adebayo Adeleke was a wealthy man as well and the brain behind the prestigious Banana Island in Lagos. Davido’s grand father , Chief Adebayo Adeleke is that man that has a good plan for his country Nigeria and despite he is no more but his legacy lives on .

As at September 2016 , Dr Deji Adeleke Estimated Net Worth is $700 Million

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