How to Check Your BVN (Bank Verification Number) Using Mobile Phone



Learn How to Check Your BVN (Bank Verification Number) Using Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever needed your Bank Verification Number BVN and there was no means you could get it at that particular time ? most people are still not aware that they can check their Bank Verification Number (BVN) Number online With tgheir mobile phone without internet connection on your mobile device . Checking your BVN with your mobile phone doesn’t require password you can check it with your phone within some seconds for free on any mobile network .

Not long ago , the apex bank in Nigeria Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) initiated a technology called Bank Verification Number (BVN) , the aim is to strenghten transparency, security and easy assessment of bank acccount . With this BVN , all  bank customer/ account holder were given a unique number that serves as a key to their respective bank accounts . Anybody that can’t provide his or her own BVN automatically can not have access to that bank account . After your BVN registration in any bank , a  unique 11 digits number is given to you to serve as a password for your account . All account holders was asked to memorise and save it in their brain so as to aid easy retrieval of this numbers .

Who knows ? one thing or another might stop you from having access to your BVN number but don’t worry as there is another way out of your confusion . You can get your BVN through your mobile phone for free and i will teach you how to do it , it is very simple and fast . You can get it by simply dailing a code .

How to Check Your BVN Using Mobile Phone Without Internet

Are you ready to check your BVN on your mobile phone irrespective of the model or the make of your phone.

To check your Bank Verification Number BVN on your mobile phone simply dail *565*0# from any mobile network , whether Glo, MTN , Etisalat, Airtel e.t.c . After dailing this number wait for about 5 seconds and your BVN number will display on your screen . This will only work on one condition, I.e using  the number you registered with your bank account to check.

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