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Check Your 2016/2017 NECO Result Here www.mynecoexams.com

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Check Your 2016/2017 NECO Result www.mynecoexams.com — How to Check 2016 NECO GCE Result Online

News reaching us states that The National Examination Council General Certificate Examination NECO GCE 2016 is finally out and if you sat for the 2016 examination please visit their official portal/website to chect your result online at www.mynecoexams.com.

We have been aked several question relating to NECO 2016 result, some of the questions are ” is neco 2016/2017 result out” “when will neco gce 2016 result be out” “is neco result 2016 out” “neco gce result 2016/2017″neco gce 2016/2017,neco result 2016/17, when will neco release gce result for 2016, is neco gce 2016/2017 result out, is neco gce 2016 out and so on. NECO GCE 2016/2017 result is out and we want to teach you how to check it online using NECO GCE RESULT Nov/Dec 2016/2017 CHECKER at www.mynecoexams.com/results/.

We are officially informing members of the general public that  NECO GCE result 2016 have been officially released. If you sat for the exam go and check your NECO result online to know where you stand.

The release of NECO GCE result 2016/2017 was released by  registrar and Chief executive of NECO, Prof. Charles Uwakwe in Minna on Tuesday evening . He siad that neco gce  2016 result was released exactly 60 days after the exams. For those students who have been asking me when the result will come out please note that it is finally out and you can check yours online at NECO official result checking potal  www.mynecoexams.com. Most people have been thinking about the reason why the result took time before it was released , the reason was because the result wasn’t processed on time . But you can check your NECO GCE 2016/2017 result online because it has been marked and uplaoded online for students to access easily .

Are you ready to check your 2016 NECO result on www.mynecoexams.com? i am going to teach you that right now right here . NECO GCE RESULT 2016/2017 CHECKER : www.mynecoexams.com . NECO GCE participants can now check their result by following the processes listed here.

How to Check 2016 NECO Results Online ( 2016/2017 NECO GCE Result Checker)

1. Log on to NECO result checking portal @ www.mynecoexams.com/results/ or click here  http://www.mynecoexams.com/results/default.aspx.
2. Select your Examination Type  (i.e Nov/Dec).
3. Select your year of Examination (i.e. 2016).
4. Input your card PIN number and Examination number .
5. Click on “Check My Result” button and wait for the result to come up on the screen

You are done..

UPDATE: 2017/2018 WAEC Registration Form – www.waeconline.org.ng

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