Bobrisky Biography – Age, Before and After Pictures



Bobrisky Biography – Age, Before and After Pictures, Real Name & Family

You most have heard about Bobrisky maybe you are just hearing the name Bobrisky for the very first time but trust me she is currently one of the most talked about social media personality in Nigeria right now . We at Nigerian info box Blog has decided to introduce him or should i say her to the entire world right now on this article .

The essence of this post is to give you more information about this you man looking more like a female to the world . We are going to be Exposing his official Biography ,Age and his Before And After Pictures . Now it time for you to meet Bobrisky who has been speculated to be G@y but recently said he is not .

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Idris Olanrewaju better know as Bobrisky and nicknamed Nigeria’s male barbie doll is an internet sensation fellow who is known for his constant online presence on Snapchat . He is one of the most popular Snapchat user in Nigerian today, he gradually became famous even more than some celebrities for his regular video upload on Snapchat . Incase you don’t know Bobrisky, he is becoming a phenomenon and a recurring figure in Nigeria Enterment news on every online portal, Tv stations and online video upload sites like NET.NG.

Bobrisky is currently getting all the attention due to his unusual life style , he use to be a boy until the crave for fame changed him into something else . Snapchat and Instagram fame changed him into a girl and right now as we speak he is now all over the media. Bobrisky born as Okuneye Idris Olanrenwaju is a 23 years old accounting graduate from the university of Lagos who is known for  his make-up, lavish lifestyle and light skin colour. Bobrisky  was formaly dark skined but decided to switch things a bit hence the beginning of his bleaching history and controversial life style.

When he was in year three at the university, he opened a boutique in Ikeja.  It was called Bob, which is an abridged version of the nickname he was given when he was a child. Back then, he was fondly referred to as Bobo.  What he did was added ‘risky’ to the name and that was how the name Bobrisky came into play , and he love the name. Bobrisky was born and bred in Ebute-Metta , Lagos . He lost his mum in 2008. His dad is a retired because of his age . Bobrisky is from a polygamous family and he is the youngest child in his family.

This is what he had to say about his G@y Rumor

After all said and done about Idris Olanrewaju a.k.a Bobrisky, he has cleared the air on his se3uality where he said that he is not G@y in an interview with Netng .

According to him “I am not g ay” despite his continuous use of  “he” when referring to his “BAE”. We are a more confused now that ever of his s3xuality.

But before the interview with Netng he flasheds his money which he claims he gets from his bae but we don’t know why he has twisted the whole story around peherps he is trying to escape the rot of the Nigerian law . Since the emmergence of Bobrisky, popular Nigerian eccentric, Denrele Edun has been doing his thing on a low key and it appears that he is Denrele Edun’s greatest rival at the moment .

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In 2011, Vanguard article revealed that Okuneye Idris,  ‘Male Barbie Doll’ was arrested for stealing while disguised as a woman. He was caught and arrested at a bar in Lagos . During interogation , he confessed to the police that was doing it to raise money for his education because his father abandoned him after funding him through his secondary school education. He said nobody wanted him because he is a man , he realised that men don’t help their fellow men but woman .

Before and After

Before and After

Seeing the Bobrisky before and after pictures is an amazing revelation because the difference is very clear and pronounce . After his professional bleaching of his skin , you can see he is now refined accompanied with his well groomed artificial nails . From his before and after pictures you would easily understand that no one is ugly but brokeness is the cause.

Bobrisky  Arrested

Bobrisky arrested for physically assaulting female fan

The controversial cross-dresser and bleaching specialist was arrested and detained by the police for beating up a girl who reportedly took pictures of him. According to Instablog9ja , he allegedly beat up the victim because he thought she was taking pictures of him.


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