Best & Hottest Rappers In Nigeria 2016/2017


Olamide Baddo

Best & Hottest Rappers In Nigeria 2016/2017 Top 10

Casting our minds back into the good old days we would effortlessly recall that Hip-Hop specifically its subgenre, ‘Rap’ in Nigeria was not so welcomed by Nigerians because they percieved it has noise and meaningless . But when we look clearly at this recent age , the growth of Hip Hop culture in the Nigeria entertainment world has been an amazing story so far and have something worth writing home about .

With the increasingly growth and achievements of Nigerian rappers one would like to know who is the hottest and best rapper in Nigeria and who are the Nigerian best rappers as in top 10 list . Nigerian rappers have successfully given hip pop a new dimession and they have all proven to us all that they are equal to the task . From what we are seeing from Nigerian Music Industry today, it is right to say that Nigerian rappers are the best compared to other rappers in Africa at large . The like of late Dagrin, Phyno , Olamide , Remisce, Falz and other host of them have given Hip Hop a new definition and they have not only proven to be skilled but more commercially viable in the Nigerian entertainment market when compared to their counterparts .

There are several people who can’t wait any longer , they are very eager to see the Top 10 best rappers in Nigeria 2016/2017 .

Meanwhile, there are heated arguments on many social platform where fans are fighting and battling tirelessly over who the best Nigerian rapper is and who is better than the other using differnent indices to judge them .

Best Rappers in Nigeria 2016/2017

1. Olamide
Most poeple call him Olamide others would prefer to call him Olamide Baddo’s neh , be it as it may be his real names are Olamide Adedeji but his official stage name is Olamide. Without any aguments , Olamide is the hottest , best rapper  in Nigeria as at now and might occupy this space for a very long time because he is the most hardworking Nigerian rapper of all time .

For the sake of those people who know little or nothing about this rapper , i would take my time to introduce him to you so that you will have more acquaintance about him . Olamide Baddo was born March 15, 1989 and he is currently 27 year old at the time of creating this post. Olamide is the Nigerian rapper that has released the highest album and i think he is already working on a new album .

2. M.I

The second hottest and best rapper in Nigeria is another famous man who helped define the real meaning of Hip Hop in Nigeria with his phenominal rap nitch . His real names are M.I Abaga , the “M” stands for Mr while the “I” stands for Incredible . That is to say that his full names are Mr Incredible Abaga  . The self acclaimed Chairman, signed to chocolate city, is number two on this list of the best rappers in Nigeria and he is a front line man in the record label .

As far as i am concerned , Mr incredible MI is a star when it comes to rap game and no one can ever be like him . In  Lil Wayne’s voice , MI is the best Nigerian rapper alive . He raps alot like  Lil Wayne but he is not really active lately though , he have to put in more work so that his name would always be on top and on the front line of every rankings .

3. Phyno

On the top spot is Phyno Phino , Phyno Obago is a Nigerian producer turned rapper . He started as a producer before he became a full time rapper and singer . You can’t name five Nigerian rappers without including his name . ommitting Phyno’s name only mean you are not naming the best rappers in Nigeria .

Talking about the best Indigenous rappers in nigeria Phyno and Olamide Baddo are holding down the front line like forever because i don’t believe anybody can unseat them any time soon not even never .

4. Reminisce

This is another Indigenous rapper that has stand the test of time from the early age of Nigerian hip hop to this recent time . Reminisce is no doubt the fourth best and hottest rapper in Nigeria after Phyno Phino . .The indiginous Yourba rapper who is also compared to Dagrin has done songs with host of famous Nigeria rapper and singers including the likes of Lil Kesh, Olamide , Phyno, CDQ, Davido, Ola Dips, Chinko Ekun just to mention a few.

There is no reaon to doubt his capability as he has already proven that he is here to stay and his name will reamain on spot light forever even when he is no more we will alwyas remember him that is legacy . He has released three good albums and he is currently working on his fourth studio album as at the time of creating this article .

5. Illbliss

At the number fift spot is another dangerous rapper , his name is Illbliss Oga Boss  or  you can call this rapper “That Igbo Boy” . This rapper is a beat killer and he flows like a lion when he stand in front of a mic . Illbliss Oga Boss has three studio albums and also has several singles that is capable of giving you psychological escape . There is this top 10 list of Nigerian rappers i stumbled upon on the net and Illbliss name is omitted , all i could think about at that moment was laugh because that is not possible .

6. Falz

There are several Nigerian rappers that would have merited this spot if Falz is not a rapper , we are not also forgeting the fact that it is not long that he broke into the Nigeria Music Industry to be more specific the Nigerian rap World  . Had it been this article was written two years ago there would have been no way his name will appear here on this list but we are not using past glory to judge but we are judging with present glroy . Falz is the sixth best rapper in Nigeria 2016/2017 . This rapper has an album that is currently shaking Nigeria and some other countries , there are several hit tracks on this album not forgeting the one he did with Simi “Soldier”

7. Yung6ix

Most people will obviously not support the idea of placing Yung6ix on this spot because they would rather prefer Vector or Chocolate City Act , Jesse Jagz on this spot but i will give you reasons for placing him on this spot . Yes! it is true that Yung6ix is kind of slow in terms of fame and new track release but come to think about it , have you really listened to his mix tapes , his songs i mean the old and new ones . If you have listened to them you would trust me on this , Yung6ix kills freestyles .

The Warri born rapper is realy doing well right now and his career is enjoying the best moment . Yung6ix now has alot of singles apart from his album talking about the likes of For Example where he feature Stoen Boy , Wit You though he was featured but much credit goes to his name .

8. Vector

At the number eight spot is another Nigerian rapper that spite flows upon the mic like a viper and his name is almighty Vector but famously addressed as Vector Da Viper . As far as the whole world is concerned , this is the only man that sounds like Jayz in Nigeria, his flows are unique and most times people mistake his face for American rapper, Jayz because their flows and voice sound alike.

Vector is one rapper Every Nigerian rappers and singers want to have on their songs which makes him one of the most featured Nigeria rappers just like Olamide Baddo .

9. Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz is a Nigerian rapper that made name for himself whem him and his brother ,  M.I Abaga founded a record label ‘Chocolate City’ which is obviously one of the oldest and biggest record label in Nigeria . Jesse Jagz has worked with many famous singers in Nigeria including Wizkid , MI Abaga , Ice Prince and many others .

Couple of years ago, Jesse Jagz parted ways with ‘Chocolate City’ to float his own record label due to some reasons best know to him but a year later he came back to his real home ‘Chocolate City’  . As at the time of compsoing this article , Jesse Jagz  is still under ‘Chocolate City’   record label .

10. Naeto C

At the last spot (10) is another rapper i respect so much , Naeto C . He is popularly called Naeto C  Superseed . Casting our minds back , it is true that his ‘Ten Over Ten’ song topped many chat for weeks before it died down . This song ‘Ten Over Ten’ song is one of his hottest, viral and most trended song ever .

Naeto C  is one of those few Nigerian rappers that is a graduate and he is happily maried and blessed with children,  but he hasn’t come out with something new for some time now maybe he is working on something elso maybe not music this time . The last time i head his voice on a track was on a song he did with Flavour and the song is titled “Helele”.

That is that for The Best rappers in Nigeria 2016/2017. There are other good  upcoming rappers in Nigeria who are worthy of mention but  they were not able to make this list . We have the like of Ycee, Lil Kesh, Victor e.t.c.Another big name that need to be mentioned but not an upcoming rapper though , his name is Ice Price Zamani .


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