60 Profitable Small and Medium Scale Businesses In Nigeria 2016


60 Successful Profitable Small and Medium Scale Businesses In Nigeria 2016

70 percent of the most successful people in Nigeria today are business men and women , there is no cause to dispute this because i can stand here and count some of these wealthy Nigerian for you without even thinking . Several persons that started their small or medium scale businesses couple of years ago started from the scratch some of them have been able to sail their business through the time of trial and right now they have become big businesses but those ones that were not able to stand the test of time have their businesses packed up , they abandoned their businesses for something else and this was as a result of poor management .

Those enviable businesses we see today that are currently booming started from the scratch , you would understand this if you read their start-up stories . Why most people fail is going into business because someone else is into that same business and making it big time but they don’t know what that person has sacrificed for that business to stay alive.

Small or medium scale business is not what you just jump into just because you want to make money and live that fancy and luxurus life , it take lots of dedication, determination and careful planning to succeed in business these days because there are a lot of competitions everywhere . Before you venture into any business , you have to carefully ponder upon it severally if that is what you really want in your life . If you are that type that want to do business just because your family relation is also into that business and progressing, trust me you can’t go anywhere . Business is a thing of passion make sure it what you want and what you enjoy doing that is the only way to stand the test of time in any business .

Most time , things don’t always go as planned in business . The trial time is the starting point of your business to the first five months of your business , at this point things might be a little bit difficult for you . But if you can endure and stand the test of time , trust me you will sail through .

For those people who want to go into business (Small or Medium Scale Business) i want to list out for you 60 Small and Medium Scale Busines that you can venture into . All you have to do is go through them carefully and select tyhe one that you suit your life style most . Make sure the passion is there because that is the drive that can take you through hard times and trials.

These businesses are going to be cutting accross Agriculture, General Lucrative Business, Business Ideas In Education ,Computer And Technology-related Business ,Small Production Business, Online businesses and more .

  • Sales of Building Materials
  • Poultry Farming
  • House Painting
  • Car Rental Service
  • Video Game Arena
  • Cassava Production
  • Pure Water Production
  • Fast Food Eatery
  • Hotel Business .
  • Haulage Services
  • Recharge Card Printing
  • Fast Food Eatery
  • Rice Farming In Nigeria
  • Making of Fruit Juice
  • Oil and Gas Business
  • Investing in Property
  • Snail Rearing in Nigeria
  • Furniture Business in Nigeria
  • Import Cloths, Shoes, Books
  • MC, DJ and event planning business.
  • Cake baking and decoration business
  • Poultry Farming in Nigeria
  • Cassava Production
  • Domain and website flipping
  • Blogging business
  • Internet based business ideas
  • Paint production
  • Liquid soap production business
  • Custard making
  • Sales and repair of PC and its accessories
  • Cooking Gas Sales
  • Exportation
  • Cleaning Service
  • Art Gallery
  • Cultivating vegetables
  • Reselling services on Fiverr
  • Importation of Tokunbo Spare Parts
  • Ice Cream Production
  • Event DJ
  • Android games development
  • SEO Consultant
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Designer
  • SIM card replacement and mobile money agents
  • Travel Agency
  • Make Up Artiste
  • Investing in Internet Companies
  • Transport Business
  • Nursery and Primary School
  • Pet Breading
  • Bulk SMS Service
  • Wast Management Service
  • Body cream and liquid soap production business
  • Producing Izal, Dettol and other disinfectancts
  • Cement business
  • frozen food business

Now that you have gone through this Small and Medium Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria 2016 , chose one from all and make sure you select the one that you love most it might not be the most lucrative one but make sure it the one you will enjoy doing .


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