Swanky Jerry Has A Word For Those Who Share Their Problems On Social Media

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Celebrity Stylist, Swanky Jerry took to Instagram to give advice, saying people should learn how to keep their family, emotional and personal issues out of social media

Instagram is a marketplace where everyone is selling their products to people across the world and not a platform for negativity.


He Wrote;

People need to realize that Instagram is a MARKET place where everyone is selling their products to people across the world. So when you bring your family, emotional or personal issues on here you seem MAD.’

‘It’s like going to the market and shouting “I have a problem” Everyone there thinks you are MAD and nobody really cares because that’s not the purpose of a marketplace.’

‘If you really need help call your family and friends speak to them about your situation get help from the people who genuinely love you.’

‘Because the people in the market will only make a joke of your situation and move on to the next person MAD in the marketplace. keep your private life out of social media…..Sell what you need to sell get your cash and bounce.’



  1. True talk. I personally don’t understand why every broken marriage, family, contract must first grace the walls of social media even before they become true.
    I just think the basis of every story on the social media is all PR. It is all publicity stunts

  2. He has just spoken my mind because I think is not necessary to share much on social media, after receiving some many response then it will start affecting them

  3. Lolss

  4. I support him on this.
    I just wonder why they will bring their problem to Social media.

  5. But did celebrity life have a secret?

  6. 100% right

  7. pls tell them to washing their dirty linen in public

  8. Well all I can say is those people in question should grow up, social media is not where they should share their secrets


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